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Thank you for registering for the Miracle Makers Cruise Seminar aboard the luxurious Golden Princess. We sail from Sydney, Australia on April 8, 2020. Registration includes your seminar booking and cruise passage but does not include your flights. Once you complete this portion of the registration process, you will be directed from this page to the Princess Cruise Line site to select and book your flights.

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  $500.00 Seminar Registration (See Below for Details)

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  $790.00 Interior Stateroom Double Occupancy, per person
  $1024.00 Oceanview Stateroom Double Occupancy, per person
  $1310.00 Balcony Stateroom Double Occupancy, per person
  $1900.00 Mini Suite Stateroom Double Occupancy, per person
  $3125.00 Suite Stateroom Double Occupancy, per person

Single Occupancy
Enjoy the privacy of a cabin by yourself
  $1580.00 Interior Stateroom Single Occupancy
  $2048.00 Oceanview Stateroom Single Occupancy
  $2620.00 Balcony Stateroom Single Occupancy
  $3800.00 Mini Suite Stateroom Single Occupancy
  $6250.00 Suite Stateroom Single Occupancy

"Hold My Space!"
(Available through December 15, 2019)

Pay $100 Deposit TODAY to Hold Your Spot.
This non-refundable deposit secures you place through December 15th. Financing arrangements are available, call to inquire.

  $100.00 Miracle Makers Cruise Seminar Pre-registration

Financing Options are available! If you would like to make payments for your cruise booking, please call Bridge Holistic Healing today at +1 (980) 202-1055 and ask to speak to the Miracle Makers Cruise representative.

Taxes, Port Fees, and Booking Fee
All prices are in USD. A $165 Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses surcharge is included in the cabin prices listed above. A booking fee of 3% will be added to your booking.

Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses, as used by Pricness Cruise Lines, may include any and all fees, charges, tolls and taxes imposed by governmental or quasi-governmental authorities, as well third party fees and charges arising from a vessel's presence in a harbor or port. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses may include U.S. Customs fees, head taxes, Panama Canal tolls, dockage fees, wharfage fees, inspection fees, pilotage, air taxes, hotel or VAT taxes incurred as part of a land tour, immigration and naturalization fees, and Internal Revenue Service fees, as well as fees for navigation, berthing, stevedoring, baggage handling/storage and security services. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses may be assessed per passenger, per berth, per ton or per vessel. Assessments calculated on a per ton or per vessel basis will be spread over the number of passengers on the Ship. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses are subject to change and Pricness Cruise Lines reserve the right to collect any increases in effect at the time of sailing even if the fare has already been paid in full.

Amount of Your Payment (in $USD) includes Port Fees, Taxes, and a 3% Booking Fee

Miracle Makers Cruise

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